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L90 Launches Low-Cost Ad Network

In an answer to DoubleClick's Sonar Network and 24/7 Media's ContentZone, ad network L90 Inc. on Wednesday launched the low-cost Zonfire network, which consists of smaller sites with fewer impressions than its premium network sites.

So far, L90 has rounded up enough sites for the network to represent a total of more than one billion monthly impressions.

"Each month L90 receives hundreds of requests from Web publishers for ad sales representation," said John Bohan, chief executive officer of L90.

"Many of these requests are from sites that do not meet the premium branding and traffic requirements of the L90 Network, but have highly desirable content and user demographics. With the launch of Zonfire, we can now accommodate these smaller Web sites while providing additional services to our advertising clients."

The same impulse led 24/7 Media and DoubleClick to launch their low-cost networks, in hopes that, as these sites grow, they might become a part of the premium network.

The new network will divide its Web publishers into vertical content channels, such as Automotive, B2B, Business & Finance, Career, Entertainment, Games, Health & Fitness, Kids & Teens, Movies, Music, Sports, Technology, and Women. All of the publishers in the network use L90 to manage and serve their ad inventory.