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Solbright, Nielsen//NetRatings Team

Solbright Inc., which offers Web-based software for the management of online advertising, on Wednesday teamed with measurement firm Nielsen//NetRatings in a bid to make their products work together.

The two companies aim to let customers move planning information, created with the help of Nielsen//NetRatings data, directly into Solbright's Dispatch system. Dispatch helps with the buying, trafficking, and reporting process.

"With this partnership, media buyers can now have the best of both systems -- planning data from the Nielsen//NetRatings services and media buying and campaign management from Solbright -- providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution," said Key Compton, chief executive officer of Solbright.

Solbright's approach is just one example of how start-up companies are trying to streamline the process of buying and selling Internet media. The ones getting the most attention as of late have been online media marketplaces like many of which have also integrated measurements and ratings into their systems.