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Internet Ad Character "Baby Bob" Goes Hollywood

Baby Bob, the talking spokesbaby star of ad-supported, free ISP freeinternet.com's ad campaign, will become the star of his very own TV show on CBS.

Viacom Productions announced Thursday that CBS has asked for it to produce a pilot for a prime-time, half-hour TV series, based on Baby Bob -- the precocious baby who uses his adult sense of humor to hawk the freei.

This is believed to be the first TV series based on a character that originated as an Internet and advertising campaign character, said Perry Simon, president of Viacom Productions. But Simon doesn't think it will be the last time an ad character makes the leap to TV star.

"As the lines between Internet content, traditional advertising and consumer entertainment become increasingly blurred," he said, "this kind of cross-pollinated program development is a harbinger of the future."

The new live-action series will feature the trials and tribulations of Baby Bob's life as a talking baby with an adult IQ, and the impact he has on his family and the people around him.

Will Baby Bob be able to juggle dual duties as ad man and sitcom star?

"Baby Bob may be young, but he's no stranger to prime-time. And he's thrilled with the opportunity to entertain even more TV viewers in this exciting format," said Lori Stutsman, vice president of marketing for freeinternet.com.

"Without a doubt, Baby Bob has all the charm, energy, and business savvy necessary to carry the responsibilities of representing freeinternet.com while starring in his own TV series."