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WebADTV.com, CDXC Ink Deal

Ad technology company webADTV.com Inc. inked a deal Wednesday with CDXC Corporation, which gives webADTV the exclusive right to market the "CDXC Solution," an Internet-based digital asset management service, to advertising agencies.

WebADTV, a subsidiary of iNTELEFILM, says the deal means print and audio archiving capabilities will be added to its "iNTELESource" tool, a video asset management system.

The "CDXC Solution," webADTV said, allows content to be delivered and exchanged electronically and converted into multiple file formats on demand. The beefed up iNTELESource tool will be marketed to the top 100 U.S. advertising agencies. The idea is that this tool can help streamline the workflow process between ad agencies, clients, and media companies.

"CDXC is a strong complement to webADTV's current offering," said Jim Gilbertson, chief executive officer, webADTV. "This license will accelerate webADTV's goal to provide full video, audio and print campaign solutions to our advertising industry customers."