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MicroStrategy, ESPN CHILTON Offer Sports Marketing Data

MicroStrategy, a relational online processing vendor, and ESPN CHILTON Sports Poll, a provider of marketing information about sports fans, launched Sports Poll Interactive.

The application is designed to help guide marketing decisions by allowing advertisers, event sponsors, media outlets and sports associations to purchase sports data analysis over the Internet.

Powered by MicroStrategy's DSS Web 5.0, Sports Poll Interactive gives users access to sports and consumer information, enabling them to identify market segments and new sales opportunities.

With DSS Web as the underlying technology of Sports Poll Interactive, users may subscribe to ESPN/CHILTON's data warehouse and ask any question about the interests, perceptions, behaviors, and demographics of American sports fans.

For example, a food manufacturer could find out which pro athlete it should secure to endorse its next product.

"Sports Poll Interactive is extremely exciting for two reasons: it is having an enormous impact on how sports marketers view data and it illustrates how a data warehouse can be transformed into a profit center," said Michael J. Saylor, president and CEO of MicroStrategy.

ESPN/CHILTON collects data every month from thousands of phone interviews. Previously, ESPN/CHILTON only produced paper reports.

Sports Poll Interactive allows users to access over two years of data taken from 2000 phone interviews conducted every month. The secured data warehouse includes data on every aspect of sports fan behavior--from favorite professional teams and motivations for watching events on television to financial expenditures on sports and sports-related items.

Reports can be further sliced by a number of demographic attributes, including age, education, household size, and income.

Pricing for current ESPN CHILTON Sports Poll members starts at $8,000 for four users. MicroStrategy is a provider of decision support products for developing and accessing data warehouses.