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SOFTBANK Network Doubles Size in 90 Days

SOFTBANK Interactive Marketing, recently acquired by ZULU-tek, said the SOFTBANK Network nearly doubled in size, signed 38 national advertisers, and launched its first promotion within its first 90 days of operation.

Attracting 28 new Web sites as affiliates, The SOFTBANK Network increased the number of available impressions by more than 135% in its first 90 days, the company said.

Among the new advertisers are AT&T, American Stock Exchange, Disney, Dow Jones, Fuji, First USA, Fisher-Price, GTE, Microsoft, Schwab, Sprint, and Toshiba. Also announced today, 3Com has completed the first promotion that leverages The SOFTBANK Network's back-end hosting and reporting technology.

The SOFTBANK Network is a proprietary ad network comprised of content Web sites, delivering advertising impressions through 10 content portfolios.

The SOFTBANK Network was launched on September 15, with 28 Web sites and 45 million impressions available. Presently, it claims more than 106 million available impressions from 53 sites.