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EveryWare Delivers Bolero 2 for Monitoring and Analysis

Canada's EveryWare Development Inc., a developer of cross-platform software for the construction and analysis of dynamic Web applications, launched Bolero 2, a real-time Web site traffic and analysis tool.

Scheduled to begin limited shipping in May, the product's scalable, open architecture is designed for use in a variety of Internet applications ranging from a single corporate site to an ISP maintaining multiple sites handling millions of hits daily.

Bolero's automated, real-time Web site traffic summaries can be accessed instantly to generate customized, interactive reports without requiring the time needed to post-process hundreds of megabytes or gigabytes of raw log file transaction data, the company said.

Users get up-to-the-minute Web site information (including performance statistics, trends analysis and user demographics) to assist with marketing decision-making.

Among the reports available are number of visits, page impressions, click-stream analysis, top entry and exit pages, average visit duration, total megabytes transferred and top 10 scripts and documents. There are over 35 standard reports included with Bolero 2 to allow users to begin their analysis quickly.

"Web sites can provide companies with an immense amount of valuable information once they get their hands on it," said Mark Amszej, EveryWare Bolero Product Manager. "Bolero 2 gives them the power to harness the data generated from their sites and quickly turn it into reports that they can use for strategic planning, marketing, sales and customer service.

The complete Bolero 2 package includes one Bolero Agent supporting one domain (additional Bolero Agents may be purchased to support multiple domains), one Bolero Server with an included SQL database, and one Bolero Reporting System (BRS).

The Bolero Agent gathers site traffic information for transfer to the Bolero Server. The Bolero Server then normalizes the data and inserts it into the Bolero Database where Bolero transforms it into summaries that can be used for a variety of reports.

Bolero 2 for Microsoft Windows NT, base configuration, has a suggested retail price of US$10,000.