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InformationWeek Survey: E-Mail Ads Effective

A new study conducted by an e-mail news service that reaches 100,000+ information technology decision-makers showed that 44% of the text-only newsletter's readers take an action after seeing a vendor's ad, and that 40% visit the advertiser's Web site.

The study was done by Manhasset, NY-based CMP's InformationWeek Daily.

"E-mail is a medium that both readers and advertisers feel very comfortable with," said Tony Uphoff, InformationWeek's publishing director. "In the reader's eyes, e-mail news services like InformationWeek Daily help them stay abreast of industry news and trends."

"For the advertiser, e-mail offers a powerful vehicle that can draw in highly-qualified buyers to a Web site. Furthermore, the nature of the medium means there are very few bells or whistles to work with--just plain old ASCII text. Nevertheless, it's obvious from this research that the business model for e-mail-based advertising works."

Uphoff said that so far this year 17 technology industry advertisers have bought week-long InformationWeek Daily sponsorships, including Digital, IBM, and Intraware.

InformationWeek Daily is only circulated to qualified IT buyers who have personally requested the service. The survey was conducted across InformationWeek Daily's entire circulation of 100,000 readers; 500 respondents participated in the survey.

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