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Narrowline Begins Using 15,000-Person Panel for Research

Narrowline in San Francisco said its Media Research Group activated a 15,000-person Internet User Panel to conduct monthly branding, creative and Web site analysis studies.

The research group is an information services division that provides third-party media research to buyers and site publishers in conjunction with Narrowline's comprehensive audience profile surveys.

Narrowline's Media Research Group has already conducted branding studies for McGraw-Hill's Information & Technology Communications Group and the Thomson Financial Network, as well as audience profile surveys across more than 65 of the sites utilizing the Narrowline Media Exchange ad network.

Using the collective data, site publishers are able to categorize their salable advertising inventory according to content, context and demographics, the company said. Combined with the new Internet User Panel, buyers and sellers using NMX are able to better understand online audience behavior, the company said.

NMX links more than 85 media buying organizations to standardized information needed to make informed buying decisions in real-time over 145 Web sites.

Narrowline's Media Research Group is the information services division of Narrowline, providing critical third-party media research to subscribers of NMX.