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ONE24 Launches Real-Time Internet Engine

ONE24, an startup company based in Sunnyvale, CA launched JEngine 1.0, a real-time Internet network engine that allows a browsed page to maintain an open line with the host computer and provides a continuous stream of information without requiring reconnection.

Data such as stock tickers, hot news, event alerts, advertising banners, and video can be pushed at real-time, in a continuous stream to a standard browser, said Charles Liu, president of ONE24.

JEngine, differentiates itself from conventional HTML, CGI, or JavaScript based implementation by the real-time connectivity. "Because the stream can continue indefinitely without interruption, the downloading is never 'done.' Companies can keep visitors at their web sites for longer periods of time by keeping the line connected and providing real-time information," said Liu.

"This tool will enable content provider companies and Internet companies to generate greater revenues from banner advertising, and hold the visitors' interest longer."

The app is available for licensing; pricing details were not disclosed. Send e-mail to: jengine@bigmall.com.