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EyeWonder, Digital To Target Streaming Ads

EyeWonder Inc. has joined Digital Envoy in a co-development agreement, under which the companies will collaborate to utilize Digital Envoy's geo-targeting technology, NetAcuity. This technology will guide EyeWonder's instant streaming video banner ads to targeted geographical locations as well as determine the appropriate connection speeds for the end-viewer.

"This partnership represents a new, targeted interactive capability for the online advertising industry," said Dave Schindler, vice president of business development, Digital Envoy. "The technology will enable the advertising community to serve content to its target audiences by country, region and city while streaming at the best connection speed based on the end-viewers' network."

Digital Envoy's NetAcuity product is designed to allow EyeWonder to optimize the performance of its streaming video technology by giving EyeWonder access to the speeds at which Internet users connect to the Web. For instance, a person in New York connecting to the Internet at 28kbps will be able to view an instant streaming banner ad about travel from New York without having to download a media player.

"The advertising community is searching for ways to extend the brand experience online, and our technology is a simple, effective solution," said John Vincent, chief executive officer, EyeWonder. "This co-development agreement provides our clients with the means to geo-target audiences with instant streaming video over narrow bandwidth and that is a tremendous value proposition to our clients."