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AdFlight to Offer WAP Ads

Web ad management firm AdFlight said it will add wireless capabilities to its self-service ad system, through a deal announced Tuesday with WAP technology company 2Roam.

AdFlight has what it terms a "self-service online marketing engine," which enables marketers to buy, execute, analyze and optimize online ad campaigns. The deal with 2Roam, an ASP serving e-commerce companies using wireless, will extend AdFlight's engine to handle wireless media as well.

Targeted at middle and smaller companies interested in deploying Web ad campaigns, AdFlight's engine serves ads to a number of publishers with which it has struck agreements. Tuesday's deal ads 2Roam's wireless publisher network to the Web sites on which AdFlight serves ads.

The deal also allows AdFlight's publishing partners to create WAP-enabled versions of their sites, which would become part of 2Roam's network.

AdFlight said that similar to its self-service engine and network -- which the company targets at small and middle-sized companies that can't generally afford the cost of a DoubleClick or Engage, or a dedicated ad staff -- its wireless deal allows emerging companies to run ad campaigns in ways previously beyond their means.

"By partnering with 2Roam, we will be able to offer compelling wireless advertising solutions to AdFlight's advertisers," said AdFlight president and chief executive officer Albert Lopez.

"Combining 2Roam's open platform with AdFlight's intelligent ad serving technology is a unique opportunity for AdFlight to enter the wireless market and for 2Roam's customers to sell their online advertising space. Our partnership also creates potential for AdFlight's publishers to become part of 2Roam's wireless network, allowing them to extend their content to wireless devices."

For its part, 2Roam said it has structured its publisher network to incorporate advertising from servers like AdFlight, and CMGI ad technology firm AdForce, which has a similar deal with the company.

"2Roam is committed to providing comprehensive and revolutionary wireless solutions for our clients," said 2Roam president and cofounder Bryan Wargo. "Our open, flexible architecture makes it simple for partners such as AdFlight to immediately tap into our customer base."

Other ad networks like 24/7 Media and Avenue A, are exploring wireless advertising, striking deals with publishers and technology firms, 2Roam among them.