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TN Technologies, Modem Media Launch Agency-Based Ad Management

TN Technologies Inc. in Westport, CT rolled out TNToaster, an agency-based system for management and measurement of Web advertising.

Currently available to clients of Modem Media, TNToaster allows interactive ad and banner campaigns to be directly served from the agency to media properties, the company said.

The system allows campaign reach, frequency, and content to be measured and controlled across multiple delivery sites, including proxy servers, and permits clients to collect and analyze viewer information based on TRUSTe guidelines that protect consumer privacy.

TNToaster also allows clients to personalize content for visitors in real time, allowing message delivery to be targeted on an individual basis.

"For the first time, clients will gain complete control over impressions and creative delivery to support their brand marketing objectives," said G. M. O'Connell, president and COO of TNT. "TNToaster will not only provide true counts of impressions created via media and proxy servers, but actually allow us to optimize the user's experience by selecting the most appropriate banners or Web site content to be shown."

The system also offers clients the opportunity to target users based on their customer status and value to the franchise. This information can then be used to present specific ads, offers or promotions. For example, existing AT&T long-distance customers can be served offers on other related AT&T services, so those consumers won't have to view promotional offers they've already taken advantage of, O'Connell said.

"TNToaster will permit our clients to know exactly what their media dollar is delivering, not just in terms of ad views and clicks, but in terms of what happens after viewers click," said John Nardone, vice president of media and research services at Modem Media.

The TNToaster system software was developed by IMGIS Inc. of Cupertino, CA. TNToaster utilizes IMGIS' AdForce technology, an ad management service for sites and networks.

"TN Technologies has established themselves as a clear leader in interactive marketing. Our partnership with them is key as we expand AdForce to meet the needs of agencies and their clients," said Chuck Berger, chairman and CEO of IMGIS.

The beta version of TNToaster has already been successfully tested with several clients, the companies said. Pricing was not disclosed.