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Webmonkey Expands Coverage to Include Online Marketing

Webmonkey in San Francisco, Wired Digital's "how-to" site for Web developers, launched a new section covering electronic business topics.

The coverage enhances Webmonkey's tech-focused articles and tutorials by providing strategies for effectively marketing Web sites and businesses.

The Webmonkey e-business section features original articles and step-by-step tutorials on important business development topics including Web marketing, online advertising and promotions, Web traffic analysis and customer support advice. Authors include veteran staffers of Webmonkey and HotWired as well as other Wired Venture experts and leading independent authorities.

"Our new e-business section is recognition that business on the Web has grown in importance as the Net has matured as a commercial medium," said Beth Vanderslice, president of Wired Digital Inc.

Topics include: an e-biz glossary to keep track of new e-business terminology; advice on how to create a media plan; an overview of traffic analysis; and advice on hiring the right people to promote a Web business.

IBM signed on as the charter sponsor.