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Bruce Judson Launches E-Mail Newsletter

Bruce Judson, president of The Judson Group Inc., launched a new paid e-mail subscription service, "Bruce Judson's Grow Your Profits."

The bi-weekly newsletter will be dedicated to finding and recommending easy-to-use Internet sites that provide valuable services for businesses.

"If you know which sites to visit, it's now possible to use the Web to work faster, smarter, cheaper and easier." Judson said. "However, there is so much clutter out there, that there's an editorial need for someone to guide busy people."

Recommendations from the newsletter will also appear as a new feature each month in Advertising Age's "Business Marketing," a monthly publication for business-to-business marketers.

Judson is the author of "NetMarketing: How Your Business Can Profit from the Online Revolution" and "HyperWars: 11 Strategies for Survival and Profit in the Era of Online Business" (coming in January 1999 from Scribner, with co- author Kate Kelly). He is one of the co-founders of Time Warner's Pathfinder site.