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Avenue A Media Launches ROI-Driven Ad Solution

Avenue A Media in Seattle said it launched a comprehensive Internet media solution that focuses all Internet buying, trafficking, and analysis activities on advertisers' ROI.

The company said its proprietary technology solution includes three applications: SCOPE Media Planning Engine, Axis Ad Serving System and an advertiser-focused Data Warehouse.

Avenue A said it integrated these applications to make every single element of an Internet ad campaign traceable and accountable.

Avenue A's system first helps choose a set of Web sites on which to launch a campaign, then evaluates--in real-time--how successful or unsuccessful each Web site has been in delivering the most valuable visitors. The SCOPE planning engine then identifies other sites that will deliver the same or better results, and replaces under performing sites with these.

SCOPE similarly removes under performing ad creative in favor of creative that has proven effective. Then the process is repeated as necessary.

Avenue A said its data warehousing technology facilitates central collection and analysis of campaign activity and performance data from all sites in order to determine, report and optimize each advertiser's return on their Internet investment.