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CyberGold Unveils Ad-Backed Trivia Game

CyberGold Inc. launched Mad Trivia, an advertiser-sponsored, multi-player trivia game in which the top 50 players win up to $15 daily and the top scorer each month walks away with $100.

Mad Trivia is the newest addition to CyberGold's products that allow people to pay, earn and spend real money on the Web. The game is supported by interstitial ad messages, which pop up between the 10 daily quiz questions.

"We're the only game on the Web awarding daily cash prizes, and it brings players back every day," said Nat Goldhaber, CyberGold CEO. "When we tested Mad Trivia's format as 'The Green Room,' we had a base of devotees who were online at 12:01 a.m., awaiting the next day's questions. The format ensures high traffic, repeat visits and a fun atmosphere in which the players are receptive to our advertisers."

At launch, players saw ads for ASC Games' "Sanitarium" and for Old Milwaukee beer. The Old Milwaukee ad utilizes Mad Trivia's ability to target different audiences based on demographic information. The messages are reinforced at the end of the game, when players can jump off from the "LaunchPad" to advertisers' Web sites.

Players can immediately check to see if they are in the running for cash prizes. Each day's prizes, ranging from $15 to 50 cents, are awarded the following day. The $100 prize is awarded at each month's end. The money goes into a user's online CyberGold account, which can be credited directly to a bank account or VISA or donated to a nonprofit.

CyberGold's mission is to reward people's attention to commercial messages with cash. Separately, the incentive marketing company said it has now surpassed the half-million member mark,