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Web Promotion Alone Not Enough, Report Contends

Marketers who feel tempted to rely solely on Web-based promotion should re- think their position, according to new research from communications firm USA Chicago Inc.

The study shows that, regardless of company size, the frequency of Web site visits--and subsequently, sales and profits--is directly related to the amount of traditional advertising and sales promotion aimed at guiding traffic to the Web site.

Details of the year-long study, conducted among USA Chicago clients, appear in the May issue of the firm's quarterly publication, Space Rep News.

The findings chart on a month-by-month basis the correlation between the number of advertising insertions sponsored by a company and the volume of traffic to the company's Web site.

"Just a few years ago, experts were predicting that the Internet would eventually replace traditional advertising mediums," said USA Chicago President and CEO Patrick J. Yanahan Jr.

"This created confusion among companies trying to cost-effectively allocate their promotion budgets. It also raised concern within the advertising industry that Web sites would cannibalize budgets previously earmarked for trade shows, print, broadcast and direct-mail advertising. This latest research, however, proves that Web site traffic and financial return are directly tied to advertising frequency."

Yanhanan debunks the "if we build it, they will come" theory surrounding Web site development. "Traditional advertising is required not only to 'announce' the existence of a Web site, but also to point people to its exact location. Advertising can also be used to target those who already know about a site, but who need a constant reminder to 'go visit.'"

For a free copy of Space Rep News contact Yanahan at 312-444-9570 or send e- mail to pyanahan@mcs.com.