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Top 10 Ad Banners for the Week Starting May 10

NetRatings' Online Observer report lists the top 10 ad banners viewed for the week of May 10 as follows:

By Unique Audience

  1. Yahoo! In Chinese
  2. Yahoo! Seinfeld
  3. Bid.com
  4. Surplus Direct #1
  5. Surplus Direct #2
  6. Yahoo! Home Page
  7. Yahoo! Parent Time
  8. Catalog Link
  9. Yahoo! Online #1
  10. Yahoo! Online #2

The data cited is from NetRatings BannerTrack service, based on measurement of Web activity among a representative panel of Web users age 18 and over. For the week of May 10-17, the average Web user viewed 120 banners and clicked on 1.2 banners (for a 1% click rate).

The data in this weekly report is derived from the Online Observer Service which is available to subscribers at netratings.com.

Statistics below represent average activity for a Web user:

  • Average Page Views Per Week: 348
  • Time Spent Per Week: 6: 02: 00
  • Number of sessions: 10
  • Pages visited per surfing session: 34
  • Time spent during session: 36:12
  • Duration of a page viewed: 01: 04
  • Banners viewed: 120.20
  • Banners clicked on: 1.21

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