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MicroProse, Pepsi World Enter Online Marketing Partnership

Game company MicroProse Inc. and Pepsi World, Pepsi Cola Co.'s entertainment-based online community, entered into an online marketing partnership.

The deal will highlight MicroProse's newest PC games and promote the interactive entertainment software company within the site. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

The first of six MicroProse games, X-Com Interceptor, will debut on June 1.

"By partnering with Pepsi, we are now reaching beyond the core gamer and into a mass market community where computer games will join movies and music as a key source of entertainment," said Robert Botch, senior vice president of marketing at MicroProse. "Pepsi's site provides us with a unique interactive environment where we can effectively showcase our games and 3D graphics technology."

The Pepsi World site claims half a million visitors per day. The Web pages for the games will consist of downloadable demos, detailed information about each game, in-depth interviews with game developers, and contests to win MicroProse games and other PC products such as joy sticks and 3D graphic cards.