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eBIZnet.com Donating Surplus Banner Ad Inventory to Nonprofits

Deerfield Beach, FL-based eBIZnet.com Inc. said it will give away $1 million in surplus banner ads to 10 nonprofit organizations during February and March.

Each nonprofit will represent a separate field of influence including the environment, youth, health, hunger, endangered species, technology, peace, education, the elderly, and minorities.

eBIZnet.com said two organizations already have been chosen to receive $100,000 worth of banner ad inventory each. The first is Relief International Inc., which provides food, clothing and shelter to disaster victims, the homeless and others in need. The second is Ekaya Institute, which conducts "rites of passage" adventure programs for youth.

The company said it will be selecting an e-commerce solution partner, who will develop a method of facilitating online donations.

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