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Wired Digital Offers Brand Campaign Measurements

Wired Digital Inc. and Millward Brown Interactive said that Wired Digital's online properties now offer "first-of-its-kind" online brand effectiveness research to advertisers for less than $5,000 per campaign.

Unlike traditional measurement tools that chart effectiveness through page views, clickthrough, and click rate, the new Brand Impact Studies represent a new tool for marketers by measuring the impact of Web advertising on brand awareness.

The research represents the culmination of 18 months of Web advertising effectiveness studies conducted by Millward Brown, including the 1996 HotWired Ad Effectiveness study and subsequent 1997 studies for the Electronic Telegraph, IBM, Ford and the Internet Advertising Bureau.

The research is available to advertisers on Wired Digital's sites including, HotWired and Wired News. The research service will be available on HotBot, Wired Digital's search engine, this spring.

"With Brand Impact Studies, leading brands can now measure whether or not a specific campaign is building their brand on a specific Web site," said Rex Briggs, vice president of Millward Brown ."This research is essential to companies seeking to quantify the branding value of the Web."

The studies involve talking directly to a representative cross-section of Web users who have seen a specific ad campaign. Viewers are asked questions about ad messages, brands and competitors before, during and after the campaign. Results are then analyzed and tabulated.

"Clickthrough is fine for direct marketing, but it tells you nothing about the branding value of the banner. This research closes the void in branding metrics for Web advertising," said Rick Boyce, senior vice president of advertising and commerce at Wired Digital. "Wired Digital's advertisers will now have the ability to evaluate campaign performance on both direct response and branding measures."

As a tester of the method, Sharp Electronics measured brand awareness and message effectiveness for the launch of its first online brand campaign in the fall of 1997. Using the research, Sharp was able to ascertain that its ads were effectively noticed by Wired Digital users, that the campaign had a positive impact on key brand image attributes and which parts of its ad banners were remembered, Sharp said.

"The Brand Impact Study was an opportunity to help verify our online advertising strategy," said Doreen Latargia, manager, marketing communications at Sharp Electronics. "The information has aided us in advancing our online strategies going forward."

San Francisco-based Wired Digital said it is seeking advertisers who wish to participate in Brand Impact Studies during the first and second quarters of 1998. The price is $4,900 per study.

WPP Group's San Francisco-based Millward Brown Interactive is a division of Millward Brown International, a research firm specializing in the measurement of brand communication and advertising.