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Pay-Per-Click Network Datacom Offers Rich Media Banners

The Toronto-based Datacom Network, a provider of click-through based Internet advertising, officially released Datacom ActivMedia--a rich media advertising solution.

The technology gives advertisers the ability to display interactive banners over the reach of the Datacom Ad Network. Rich media banners include the ability to show viewers Flash, Shockwave, and HTML/CGI banners.

"The current Web advertising market mostly consists of GIF/JPEG banner ads, which limit advertiser's creative abilities. ActivMedia solves this problem by allowing more eye-catching ads to be shown to the viewer," said Brandon Gale, chief technical officer at Datacom. "In addition, ActivMedia banners are completely interactive, allowing the viewer to sign up directly for services, or request information without ever leaving the banner or the publisher's site.

The Datacom Network is comprised of over 5,000 members, delivering over 125 million impressions per month, the company says. Services include execution, control, tracking and reporting for online media campaigns.