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IC Systems to Launch TV-like Web Ad App

IC Systems in Santa Ana, CA said it has developed a full screen, broadcast-style ad technology that will debut soon with messages from an unnamed national fast- food chain.

The new app is called the IC (for Internet Commercial) Systems method and requires no plugins. "The narrow banner ads and the click-through methodology common to them, is not appealing to major brand advertisers," said Tom Amon, CEO of IC Systems.

IC said it has perfected a patent-pending technique to achieve full-screen television-style advertisements that are sought by leading marketers of soft drinks, fast-food restaurants, national department stores, mass merchandiser chains and other institutional-type advertisers.

Amon said that IC ads offer the lowest possible CPM available (specifics were not disclosed) covering "the full universe of customers who are known to maintain product allegiance." He said a user can't bypass the full-screen ad because of IC Systems' unique commercial firewall protection, and that no special programming is required to existing content.

"The system substantially controls the viewing process when a viewer links to an IC-controlled site. Before selected content can be accessed, a commercial message is displayed in a full-screen format. After the full commercial message has been executed, the user's intended content appears on-screen," Amon said.