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AT&T WorldNet Adopts Animated Cursor for Promo

AT&T WorldNet Adopts Animated Cursor for Promo AT&T WorldNet Service is working with New York City-based Comet Systems to add color and animation to the computer cursor.

Comet Systems' Comet Cursor technology -- which changes the appearance of a user's cursor into any character or animated object -- has been incorporated into AT&T WorldNet Service's new "Don't Wait, Navigate" sweepstakes Web site. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

The relationship marks the first time the Comet Cursor technology has been used to enhance an online contest of this scope, the company said. The cursors on the site become everything from animated tour guides to shining cyber- coins. In an interactive twist, the coins can be used to scratch off AT&T WorldNet sweepstakes tickets.

There are several contests within the "Don't Wait, Navigate" Web site. In one, users are guided through an interactive cartoon hosted by "WorldNet Willie," a colorful character who also appears as a cursor throughout the Web site. At the end of this contest, participants become eligible to win a Lincoln Navigator.

Another contest, featuring a "Log On, Scratch Off" game, showcases a new scratch-off ticket each day. Once this ticket appears, the user's cursor becomes a coin with which they scratch off the ticket to see if they have won a prize. Prizes range from shirts to hats to stereo speakers.

Other cursors appearing on the sweepstakes site include road signs, a pop-open treasure chest, a gavel, a trophy and a "9 cents" logo advertising AT&T's cost-saving long-distance rate through AT&T One Rate Online.

Comet Systems' Comet Cursor is a rich media micro-plug-in for Web browsers that takes less than 10 seconds to download.