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Filtered E-Mail Service Pitches Small Business Market

New York City-based SmallBizSavings, a new business-to-business e-mail marketing company, said it "hopes to fill the void not served by traditional direct marketers of small business products and services."

The company is offering a free-to-the-user opt-in e-mail filtering service tailored to meet the information and purchasing needs of businesses with between one to 50 employees.

Small business owners and managers can opt to receive product information about services from advertisers in a variety of different purchasing categories including: long distance, health insurance, trademark search services and business banking.

"Business owners recognize the importance of staying informed about products and services that may be of benefit to them," said Victor Cheng, founder and president of SmallBizSavings.

He said his research shows that many small business leaders feel overwhelmed by the deluge of 'off-topic' information that they encounter while on the Internet. SmallBizSavings, and other filtering services like it, address this problem by monitoring, categorizing, and selectively forwarding information from vendors to subscribers.

"We save our subscribers a tremendous amount of time by only forwarding information in the categories that interest them," Cheng said. "The customer is in control of the marketing relationship. They get to decide what kind of companies are allowed to market to them and when they are allowed to do it."

Cheng founded SmallBizSavings after finishing graduate school at Stanford University and doing a three-year consulting stint with McKinsey & Company.