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Accrue Signs Hearst, Teams With ABC Interactive

Hearst New Media and Technology has chosen Accrue Software's Accrue Insight in a group licensing agreement to provide detailed reporting and analysis of Hearst New Media's Web business initiatives.

Also, Accrue said it will integrate ABC Interactive technology for audited verification of Web traffic.

Hearst will use Accrue Insight as its standard for e-business analysis of its online magazine and broadcast sites. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

"We chose Accrue Insight because it meets the specific needs of online publishers," said Vickie Zilaitis, vice president of technology for Hearst New Media Center. "We were looking for a commercially supported e-business analysis solution with rich reporting features. Accrue Insight delivers a high-end solution. . ."

Accrue Insight's e-business analysis solution gives Web publishers a detailed understanding of their readers' interests, including which sections and specific content receive the most attention and which attract readers.

In other news, the company said that Accrue Insight complies with ABC Interactive's industry standards for independent verification of Web site traffic. Accrue said it is working to integrate technology from ABC Interactive, the interactive auditing unit of the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

Instead of installing ABC Interactive software across multiple servers on a site, ad sponsored sites will be able to use Accrue Insight to collect the data needed for both e-business analysis and independent site traffic auditing. The ABC Interactive software integration into Accrue Insight will be available this quarter.

"Easily auditable site traffic data is an important priority for our customers with advertising based revenue models," said Rick Kreysar, CEO of Sunnyvale, CA-based Accrue Software. "Accrue's mission is to provide the data and analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of a company's e-business. We believe this integration is an innovative solution to help customers provide the accountability demanded by their advertisers and to enhance the effectiveness of their Web business initiatives."

"Greater accountability is essential if the Internet is to realize its promise as an advertiser-supported medium," said Michael J. Lavery, president and managing director of ABC Interactive. "Seamless integration of activity measurement and verification functions by organizations such as Accrue and ABC Interactive is a major step forward. The result will be greater convenience for sites that want to provide advertisers with the accountability they seek."