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AdKnowledge Ships MarketMatch Planner

AdKnowledge in Palo Alto, CA, delivered MarketMatch Planner, a tool for researching and planning online media campaigns.

MarketMatch is a Web campaign management solution for ad agencies and advertisers. The MarketMatch suite includes three recently announced modules: Planner, Campaign Manager and Administrator.

The new Planner module features syndicated market research from research organizations MRI and Simmons. It also offers improved Web media planning capabilities, such as enhanced searching capabilities to find sites that accept rich media and allows the creation of buy worksheets that make it easy to share media purchase information among workgroups.

"This release of MarketMatch Planner is a result of extensive testing and feedback from our customers, which include top traditional and interactive advertising agencies, such as McCann-Erickson, Modem Media, Organic Online and Young & Rubicam," said Karen Franco, director of product management at AdKnowledge.

"The syndicated research from MRI and Simmons, coupled with the new features, make Planner the ultimate in Web media intelligence, enabling media planners to minimize time and money on campaign planning while maximizing results for their clients."

MarketMatch Planner's syndicated market research from MRI and Simmons enables mutual customers to identify Internet demographic and purchase behavior data from within MarketMatch.

Using the new search criteria in MarketMatch Planner, customers can easily find sites that accept rich media, specific banner sizes and a particular CPM, the company said. Planner customers can also quickly determine the optimum sites for a campaign by specifying Boolean searches (AND and OR searches) on key criteria.

The new Buy Worksheet feature allows media planners to record and access actual ad purchase and performance data as well as export information for client reporting purposes. Media departments are thus able to share purchasing data, ultimately enabling planners to negotiate rates more effectively, the company said.

The new version also includes user interface enhancements designed to minimize the number of clicks needed to conduct searches on the more than 1,100 ad- seeking Web sites in MarketMatch.

In addition to syndicated research from MRI and Simmons, an extensive amount of research data supplied by third-party partners is already integrated into MarketMatch.

The other data accessible from within MarketMatch includes: Media Metrix's target audience demographics; NetRating's target audience demographics; SRI Consulting's psychographic data; NetGuide's descriptions, target audience and ratings for Web sites; and BPA's Web site traffic data audits.