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Big Bang Launches Performance-Enhancing Internet Ad Tests

Big Bang Media, an Internet advertising network, launched a marketing test covering more than 700 audience groups, 250 Web sites, and four consumer advertisers--Kahlua, Brookstone, Time-Warner New Media and Econo Lube n' Tune.

The ads are being displayed to audiences narrowly defined by age, gender, income, zip code, activities, household size and past exposure to advertising.

The objective is to deliver information that enhances the performance of online media buying by allowing planners to focus their spending on the most responsive audiences, the company said.

"This is, without a doubt, the most sophisticated marketing test ever conducted on the Internet," said Manhattan Beach, CA-based Big Bang Media Chairman and CEO Paul Angles. "We're grateful to have clients who are pushing us to deliver better, more usable results than anyone online."

Big Bang, based on a patent-pending system developed by Angles, said it uses a combination of precise targeting and back-end accountability to measure the response rates to advertising, then reports to advertisers which combinations of audiences and banners are most effective.

The test began in late May and runs for four weeks. Initial results show marked differences in banner performance by age, gender, income, and presence of children in household. In the coming months, Big Bang said it intends to refine its existing tracking criteria and expand it to include things like leisure activities and movie viewership.