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Top Ad Banners for the Week

NetRatings' Online Observer Service reported the top ad banners for the week ending June 6 as follows:

  1. Win a Spa Vacation Yahoo! Promotion
  2. Yahoo! In Chinese
  3. Yahoo! VISA Riddle-me-rich sweepstakes
  4. Autoweb - Free music from CDNOW
  5. Microsoft's Expedia.com - Win a trip to the World Cup
  6. The Home Run Challenge - Prostate Cancer Research Fundraiser by Yahoo
  7. M&Ms $2,000,000 Millennium sweepstakes
  8. Yahoo! Presents "I am your child" promotion
  9. Cybermeals online restaurant
  10. Yahoo! Home Page Sweepstakes

The data is from BannerTrack, NetRatings' syndicated ad research service. During the period of May 31-June 6, the average Web user viewed 134.76 banners and clicked on 1.34 banners (for about a 1% click rate), NetRatings said.

The NetRatings panel and report underrepresent both Web usage of America Online members and traffic to AOL.COM. Because the NetRatings Online Observer service tracks Web and not online usage, it does not track the majority of AOL members' use; in addition, it cannot track usage of those AOL members using AOL's 16-bit integrated browser.

Rankings are based on measurement of World Wide Web activity by a representative panel of approximately 2,000 Internet users 18 years and older who access the Web from home.