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Net.B@nk Launches Marketing Initiative

Atlanta-based Net.B@nk launched an expanded marketing initiative for 1999 that includes public relations, strategic marketing and online and off-line advertising, including a new print campaign featuring the signature line, "So, why aren't you NetBanking?"

Net.B@nk said it is the largest FDIC-insured bank operating solely on the Internet.

The company's media plan includes banner ads, poster ads, buttons and key word ads on dozens of sites in categories like banking, investing and finance, shopping, real estate home buyer and technology and business news sites.

"In less than two years, Net.B@nk has become the world's first profitable Internet bank," said D.R. Grimes, CEO of Net.B@nk. "Now, we believe we have a unique opportunity to establish Net.B@nk as the dominant brand name in Internet banking, while significantly increasing our customer base and core deposits."

Offline, Net.B@nk is investing in print advertising, including magazines like Forbes ASAP, PC World and Upside, as well as in major newspapers like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle and Los Angeles Times. Broadcast advertising is planned for later in the year.

The bank is also conducting the first of several highly targeted direct mail campaigns. The bank has hired Dan Klores Associates Inc., in New York City for media relations and corporate branding support. USWeb/CKS developed the advertising campaign along with an integrated strategic marketing program, including the redesign of the bank's Web site. DoubleClick will provide tracking services to help measure of the effectiveness of Net.B@nk's new online campaign. Spending details were not disclosed.