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Report: Banner Ads as Effective as TV for Branding

A new research study indicates that online banner advertisements are just as effective as television ads in their ability to increase consumer awareness of brands.

Ipsos-ASI, an advertising market research firm for both television and the Internet, said the recall level of an online banner ad is equivalent to that of a television ad when measured for immediate recall, the industry norm for online advertising.

The research, done in conjunction with America Online, shows that 40 percent of the respondents who view a static online banner ad will remember it, as compared to 41 percentof those who view a 30-second television commercial, the company said.

"This new study underscores the effectiveness of the Internet as an advertising medium, and demonstrates the value of online advertising to today's marketers," said Marianne Foley, senior vice president of Ipsos-ASI Interactive. "Given this research, we believe that more and more advertisers and agencies will take an active role in exploring the online medium. . ."

Other important yardsticks, including persuasion and brand imagery, will be analyzed and reported in future months, the company said.

Ipsos-ASI has been testing advertising in various media, and developing testing models for more than 30 years. In addition to its television market research, which is widely accepted in the industry, the company has established itself as an interactive market research firm.

Ipsos-ASI researchers have conducted tests on more than 300 online ads. Among the more than 40 companies participating in this research study are Kraft, Barnes & Noble, Ralston-Purina, Prudential Insurance, The Gap, Godiva Chocolatier, Century 21 and Levi Strauss & Co.

The research is based on the mid-year results of the AOL/Ipsos-ASI Online database. Ipsos-ASI has been collaborating with AOL on the development of the project since June 1998.

Using the Online Database, advertisers will be able to measure against comparative norms the creative execution, as well as recall and persuasion levels of their online banner ads before introducing the ads to consumers.

To date, Ipsos-ASI researchers have tested more than 45 banner ads on approximately 7,000 randomly recruited consumers in various content and chat areas of the AOL service and AOL.com. Ipsos-ASI said it adapted the accepted television testing model for the online world.