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Uproar Picks Grey Entertainment For $10 Million Campaign

As part of a major effort to establish itself as a consumer entertainment brand, online game show operator Uproar in New York City selected Grey Entertainment as its advertising agency and said it plans a $10 million campaign.

Grey Entertainment will to raise awareness of the Uproar brand and increase traffic to the Uproar.com Web site using traditional media and consumer promotions.

"Uproar is well on its way to becoming a recognizable consumer entertainment brand," said David Becker, Uproar president. "This $10 million advertising campaign is just the first step. We're confident that by working with Grey Entertainment, we can accelerate the rapid growth Uproar has already achieved."

"We are delighted to partner with Uproar and leverage this brand in one of today's most dynamic, emerging entertainment mediums with tremendous growth potential," said Grey Entertainment President Gerry Logue.

Uproar specializes in the creation, distribution, and syndication of online game shows. Games shows produced by Uproar include CBS SportsLine Team Trivia, Puzzle A-Go-Go, Picture This, Cosmo's Conundrum, and Bingo Blitz. More than 16,000 sites worldwide have joined Uproar's game show syndication program, the company said.

Produced by E-Pub (Holdings) Ltd., Uproar has offices in New York, London, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Budapest. Multiple. Other sites in the E-Pub family include Uproar UK, Uproar Germany, the Centre for the Easily Amused, and GameScene.

Grey Entertainment, had 1998 billings of $240 million. It specializes in advertising for entertainment, leisure and communications companies.