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Webstakes Forms Alliance with SmartParent.com

Internet promotions company Webstakes signed an agreement to co-sponsor SmartParent.com, a non-profit online resource dedicated to educating parents on the best ways to safeguard children on the Internet.

The alliance is the first of a series of new, responsible marketing initiatives being implemented by Webstakes to ensure online privacy and protect children online.

"SmartParent.com is an exceptional educational resource that is helping parents keep the online experience fun and safe for children," said Steven Krein, CEO and co-founder of Webstakes. "Sponsoring this educational resource is important to Webstakes because protecting children and privacy online is essential in establishing trust and respect with consumers and creating a thriving future for e-commerce."

Webstakes will promote SmartParent.com on an ongoing basis throughout its Prize and Savings Club. Webstakes is featuring links to the site on the home pages of both its Prize and Savings Club, in the Webstakes Family and Kids Channel and in Webstakes Info Center. Advertising will not be sold on SmartParent.com and the site will remain a not-for-profit educational resource.

"SmartParent.com is thrilled to partner with Webstakes in our effort to help parents keep the online experience safe, educational and entertaining," said Brayton Johnson, president of interactive advertising agency webnet-marketing Inc. in Bethesda, MD, creator of SmartParent.com. "Together we will be able to educate people online, promote new voluntary standards and make strides in keeping the Internet a fun and useful environment for us all."

Founded in 1996 in New York City, Webstakes operates a prize and savings club on the Web and has fpartner deals with Citibank, Disney, CBS Sportsline, CDW, iVillage, iMall, The Mining Company, Hyundai, Spree.com and Datek, among others.