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HotSocket Launches Direct Response Operation

New York City-based HotSocket Inc. launched what it calls Web- Based Direct Response, a set of tools that offers products directly to consumers in dedicated banner campaigns, and then track performance at dynamically generated sites for each product.

The proprietary technology allows the company to learn from every consumer interaction, and to track, test, and improve its sales "on the fly."

The company said that by optimizing campaigns in real-time, it can define success much earlier in the product campaign, resulting in cost savings and improved results. HotSocket tracks and controls every aspect of the sales experience, from banners, to dynamically generated product landing pages, to sales.

"We think the Web is all about Direct Response," said HotSocket President Dev Bhatia, "and we're building a company that will pave the way for Direct Response to rival both traditional retail and auctions as the leading e- commerce category. Our product campaigns will both simplify and improve the Web commerce experience for consumers and product merchandisers."

The company has partnered with Tristar Products Inc., a direct response merchandiser, for its debut product campaign. The campaign will feature Tristar's "Hook 'n Hang," a home space-saving device. The campaign features the product in banner advertisements at sites including GeoCities, Xoom, and others.

Bhatia was formerly vice president, brand management at consumer promotion company Yoyodyne, recently purchased by Yahoo!