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Hyatt Signs Marketing Deal on the Microsoft Network

Chicago-based Hyatt Hotels and Resorts said it is making "the biggest-ever" hotel company advertising purchase on the Microsoft Network.

Financial specifics were not disclosed, however.

The deal includes banner advertisements on MSN sites such as MSN Expedia, MSNBC, the MSN.com homepage, MSN Sidewalk and MSN MoneyCentral. All ads will be linked to www.hyatt.com, Hyatt's site that provides travelers with access to rates and reservations, destination information and special deals.

In addition to the banners, the agreement includes a fixed, direct link from the MSN Expedia front page to hyatt.com. Hyatt will also be able to promote special offers to MSN Expedia visitors through the MSN Expedia "Deals" section and in other MSN Expedia marketing areas.

The deal is Hyatt's largest-ever single purchase of advertising on the Internet.

"Hyatt leads the industry in developing new marketing methods and electronic commerce through the Internet and other networks," said Thomas F. O'Toole, vice president, marketing, Hyatt Hotels Corp. "The. . .opportunity to market Hyatt through MSN's growing network of sites, while linking all our ads to www.hyatt.com to book reservations, was the deciding factor in our decision to do the Microsoft agreement."

"MSN's relationship with Hyatt extends both Hyatt's commitment to offering its services online and Expedia's evolution to becoming a true travel marketplace for our customers," said Simon Breakwell, group product manager, MSN Expedia. "By directly linking from our homepage to that of travel giants such as Hyatt, MSN Expedia enhances our value to customers by offering a place where consumers can start to plan and book all their travel needs," he added.

Hyatt operates 186 Hyatt hotels and resorts around the world.