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Media Passage Announces Digital Tear Sheets

Media Passage in Seattle, a newspaper advertising planning, placement and payment service, has added digi-TearSheets (digital tear sheets) to its range of services.

digi-TearSheets will now enable advertisers and agencies to complete the tear sheet verification process electronically, rather than by the current time-consuming hand verification process, the company said.

"Customers have asked the newspaper industry for tear sheet processing relief and we have responded with an efficient, high-quality, scalable solution," said Carl Bryant, Media Passage executive vice president for business development. "By integrating disparate imaging, compression and delivery products with our newspaper transaction databases we've developed an exciting product out of mundane, inefficient processes."

Media Passage will capture digital images of advertising tear sheets sent from newspapers and catalogue them onto a CD-ROM, which can be viewed on either Macintosh or PC-compatible workstations using any Internet browser. Entries are organized by order number and are sent to clients with a corresponding paper invoice.

"Initially we will offer this service to advertising agency customers but we also see newspaper publishers wanting each ad page of their issues digitally preserved for later advertiser access," said Gilbert Scherer, Media Passage CEO.