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Quicken.com Launches $10,000 Tax Relief Sweepstakes

Mountain View, CA-based Intuit's personal finance site, Quicken.com, launched the Quicken.com Tax Relief Sweepstakes online advertising campaign.

The interactive banner ads will run through April 15. Quicken.com will offer a $10,000 prize to consumers via this advertising effort.

Consumers can enter the sweepstakes through a series of six interactive banners that ask interesting tax-related questions, such as "How much did the Monica Lewinsky scandal cost each taxpayer?" Other questions are designed to help consumers who enter the survey learn more about new tax laws and filing their taxes online.

"According to a number of measures, Quicken.com is the most popular financial Web site," said Richard Becker, senior group manager for marketing and communications at Quicken.com. "Yet, we believe that there is still room for building our awareness in terms of our wealth of tax-related information, both on and off the Web."

The online ads will be placed on Quicken.com pages, as well as other Web sites, including The Chicago Tribune Internet Edition, MiningCo.com, LookSmart, Pathfinder, and USA Today. Spending was not disclosed.