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Music Boulevard Ad Is Most-Viewed Banner for Week

NetRatings reports that the top 10 banner ads viewed during the week ending June 20 were:

  1. Music Boulevard: Storewide Sale
  2. Goto.com: Type in what you're looking for
  3. Speedlane: WARNING: Your browser is going too slow
  4. Yahoo: Now the UK has its own Yahoo!
  5. Spree.com: Grab the Palm Pilot III
  6. Music Boulevard: Everything on sale now
  7. Kingston Technology: It's a snap--Kingston memory/Microsoft NT sweepstakes
  8. Link Exchange: Promoting E-bay, World's Largest Auction
  9. TabNet: Get your own Web address--domain registration
  10. Feed Magazine--There is such a thing as a free lunch.

During the last several weeks, the most active banner advertising categories have been: Books/CDs, E-mail, Online Access, Online Trading, Shopping, and Sweepstakes/Incentives, the company said.