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Click Agents Ad Network Launches

Click Agents Corp., a merger of two smaller U.K and U.S. ad operations, launched a new Internet advertising network.

At launch the network claims more than 37,000 members. It plans to offer three types of online advertising models, CPM, Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-Lead.

The company was formed by the merger of the U.K-based Shout Advertising and San Jose, CA-based Click Agents Corp. Targeting services include subject area, time of day, geographical location and language.

The company said future projects include CPMAgents.com, FraudAgents.com and Adrotate.com. CPMAgents.com will be identical to the pay-per-click architecture but will be a CPM based network, the company said. FraudAgents.com will act as a security guard to eliminate advertising fraud. Adrotate.com will be a site designed to help Web sites decide which ad network will best work with them.

Clients at launch include Go Network, ProFlowers, Online Surveys, Goto.com, Next Card Internet VISA, SpeedyClick, USA.net, Bank Rate Monitor, AutoConnect, and Match.Com.