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PrivaSeek Launches PersonaXpress

Louisville, CO-based PrivaSeek Inc., which bills itself as consumer infomediary, launched a new Internet privacy solution, PersonaXpress, an information control tool that lets consumers safeguard their personal information on the Web.

PersonaXpress helps Internet users take control over what personal information is disclosed to e-commerce businesses and advertisers. The tool is free to consumers.

By registering with PersonaXpress, consumers can choose to maintain complete privacy or elect to share or even sell information to marketers with product or service offerings of personal interest.

If a PersonaXpress member decides to share their information with a trusted partner, they can use PersonaXpress to automatically complete registration and e-commerce shopping cart fields across 50 of the top e-commerce Web sites.

PrivaSeek said it is working with a number of companies to ensure safe brokering of consumer information, including Excite, Comcast, General Motors, Time, BrainPlay, Worldprints.com and Procter and Gamble.

The PersonaXpress Web site is also a free source for in-depth information on privacy issues and industry initiatives, the company said.

"PersonaXpress is a 'win-win' situation for consumers and merchants alike because it eliminates the privacy concerns and public unease regarding the safeguarding, tracking, collection and use of personal information on the Web," said Larry Lozon chief executive officer of PrivaSeek. "With our consumer-centric approach to information sharing, prospective buyers and sellers are matched by. . .genuine interest and mutual consent. Not only does this fulfill the Internet promise of personalized, digital marketing, but it also brings a new scale of economics to e-commerce and direct marketing via the Internet."

At registration, users provide personal information and set the controls that regulate how this information is used. The information resides in the Persona Vault, a secure central repository using advanced encryption and hardware- protection technology. PersonaXpress also features a convenient e-wallet function, which expedites online purchases.

Companies in the PersonaXpress program are screened by third-party privacy experts who evaluate and rate their privacy policy and its practical implementation. Approved companies also must sign a PersonaXpress contract agreeing to honor the privacy terms stipulated by each individual PersonaXpress user.