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Tripod Licenses Bigleaguers.com

Tripod, a Lycos company, the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) and THINK New Ideas Inc. jointly announced an agreement that will make Bigleaguers.com, the MLBPA's official Web site, an integral part of Tripod's Sports Zone community.

As part of the agreement, community site Tripod said it will facilitate the building and management of online communities devoted to baseball.

Tripod said it will leverage its promotional abilities and million-plus membership to draw traffic to Bigleaguers.com. Lycos will also actively promote Bigleaguers.com throughout its site. The Bigleaguers.com site will be managed by THINK, but served within a Tripod frame on the Tripod network. Financial arrangements were not disclosed.

Bigleaguers.com, designed and created by THINK, enables fans to interact with professional baseball players through chats, e-mail, baseball tips and through reading player-generated journals. The players themselves update their sites directly.

"The 700-plus Major League Baseball players look forward to joining Tripod's more than 1.6 million-member-strong community," said Chris Dahl, editor of Bigleaguers.com. "We believe the community site model heightens the interactive experience for baseball fans and provides new opportunities for both players and fans to get to know each other."

The site uses THINK's proprietary WebMechanic, MOAT and E-Corp solutions.