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ModaCAD Enters $2 Million Licensing Agreement with Broderbund

Los Angeles-based ModaCAD Inc. said it has amended its publishing agreement with Broderbund Software Inc. to provide Broderbund with an exclusive license to the "3D Home Interiors" software application.

Broderbund made a one-time royalty payment to ModaCAD of approximately $2 million for the perpetual license of "3D Home Interiors." The exclusive license terms apply only to certain portions of the "3D Home Interiors" product, which can be used for online real estate ads and/or offline design, not ModaCAD's core visualization and digital content creation technologies and catalogs.

ModaCAD said it will also be available to Broderbund to provide ongoing digital content services and enhancements.

ModaCAD will continue deploying and pursuing new licensing opportunities for its e-commerce content managers with both its digital content and its core technologies in the home-design and home-furnishing industries as well as other broad-market applications.

"This license enables ModaCAD to more efficiently pursue its business strategies. ModaCAD will be able to focus its resources in the content management efforts associated with emerging e-commerce markets, including the creation and licensing of digital content in the home-design and home- furnishing arenas," said Maurizio Vecchione, ModaCAD's president and chief operating officer.

"At the same time, Broderbund will be taking the responsibility of the efforts associated with the continued enhancement of the '3D Home Interiors' product line."

ModaCAD offers patented rendering technology for a variety of electronic merchandising products primarily targeted at the home-design, home- furnishings, apparel and industrial-design industries.