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IMGIS Inc. and StarPoint Software Inc. Announce Merger

Cupertino, CA-based IMGIS Inc., a provider of centralized Internet advertising management technology, said it is merging with Mountain View, CA-based StarPoint Software Inc.

IMGIS said the merged company will advance technology solutions for online advertising management.

In a stock-for-stock transaction, IMGIS and StarPoint merged all assets, including technology and personnel.

Under the newly merged company, Chuck Berger of IMGIS will maintain the title and responsibilities of chairman and CEO, and Michael Tanne, co-founder and former president of StarPoint, will become vice president of marketing at IMGIS.

"We have seen our ad volume grow tenfold in the past four months. AdForce handled that increase without a hitch. StarPoint's high performance server technology will be incorporated into AdForce, extending its ability to manage sites serving hundreds of millions of ads daily," said Berger.

"The IMGIS/StarPoint merger represents the blend of two synergistic technologies that will enhance both present and future product offerings for IMGIS' Internet advertising customers," he added.

IMGIS said it will continue to offer the AdForce advertising management service while it integrates the StarPoint technology to extend system performance and increase cost effectiveness.

IMGIS has an exclusive relationship with 24/7 Media's ad network, while StarPoint serves millions of ads daily for visitors to GeoCities and WebChat. IMGIS' AdForce and StarPoint together serve more than 25 million ads daily.