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Aureate Media Delivers 10 Million Ads in a Month

Aureate Media said that it reached a milestone of 10 million ads delivered to software applications during the month of June.

Through its AdSoftware System, Aureate works with software developers and advertisers to deliver targeted advertising to software users.

Ads are integrated into the Internet-based software applications, keeping the ads in front of the user's eyes for the duration of the software's use, the company said. On average, ads are rotated every 150 seconds.

"We're pleased with the growth of the system," said Ehren Maedge, president of Aureate Media. "We are continuing to add new software applications, and have seen a significant growth in the number of people using those applications. As those numbers continue to grow, we can deliver a more highly targeted audience to advertisers."

Aureate Media said it currently delivers advertising to 14 popular Internet applications, including the Go!Zilla download manager, LOL Chat, Static FTP, Doorbell, PeopleSeek and Net CB.

The AdSoftware System was released in December. Aureate has its own sales force and works with both FlyCast Communications and 24/7 Media.

Aureate Media makes its AdSoftware System technology available to software developers free of charge from its Web site.

There are default ads, which do not require an Internet connection, but the majority of ads are delivered via the Internet on a timed rotation basis, the company said.

"In exchange for providing the user with free software, we request demographic information which allows us to target both on content (the type of program) and user demographics," said Aureate marketing vice president Jeff Ready. Ad rates vary depending on targeting, program, etc, but rates typically run in the $5 to $15 CPM range.