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Adauction.com Launches an Instant Buy Service

San Francisco-based Adauction.com launched a new service called Opportunity Exchange, which offers ad inventory 24 hours a day, seven days per week, and allows advertisers to instantly purchase ad lots on a cash- and-carry basis.

Opportunity Exchange complements the company's existing MarketPlace and Tune- In auction services, where Web ad inventory is sold to the highest bidder. Featured companies on the new service include Yahoo! and Lovingyou.com.

The company also introduced ProxyMan, a feature that enables media buyers to automatically bid on ad inventory without having to monitor the auction.

"We're responding to our advertisers' and publishers' need for more flexibility because both parties' schedules to buy and sell don't always fit with the monthly auction calendar, especially for international buyers and those located in different time zones," said Adauction.com President and CEO David Wamsley. Adauction.com now claims a base of 2,200 media buyers.

Once media buyers have logged into Opportunity Exchange, they can view the available ad inventory, pricing and ad lot size at any time, as well as the publisher's demographics and unique-user information. Inventory can vary from run-of-site banners to buttons and sponsorships. While ad flights purchased in Adauction.com's MarketPlace and Tune-In auctions usually run during the following month, Opportunity Exchange offers more flexible parameters, the company said.

ProxyMan allows buyers to define a maximum price for specific inventory without divulging what that amount is to other bidders. ProxyMan will then automatically bid on the advertiser's behalf at the minimum price necessary to compete against other buyers. If another bid exceeds the maximum amount specified, buyers using ProxyMan are no longer committed to purchasing the ad inventory and will be notified via e-mail that they have been outbid.

Adauction.com has inventory from more than 160 premium sites in 18 content categories, including Netscape, LookSmart, Biztravel.com, XOOM.com and HotBot.