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Pay-Per-Click Firm Launches PennyWeb 3.0

Los Angeles-based pay-per-click company PennyWeb delivered PennyWeb 3.0, updated to deliver real-time reports.

PennyWeb, which launched in October of 1997, says it now has 186,000 host accounts and more than 1,000 advertiser accounts.

"PennyWeb was designed to meet a need which online advertising hadn't been catering to," said Benoit Pecqueur, founder and CEO of the pay-per-click program, which competes with ValueClick and others.

With the upgraded version, "Webmasters will not only be able to see which site categories bring them more traffic but also which sites within those categories offer the best referral and even which banners within those sites get the highest ratio of hits," said Pecqueur.

PennyWeb 3.0 lets Webmasters use as many as 31 URL target banners a month and have PennyWeb Design create their banners along with their Web sites for maximum visibility. PennyWeb 3.0 also features new anti-fraud, secured payment and Y2K-ready system.

The company also said it plans to launch its own commerce sites, PennyTravel and PennyMall, and PennySearch, a metasearch engine.