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SmartAge Signs Partners to Expand Its Banner Exchange

SmartAge said that Tripod and Lycos will integrate its SmartClicks banner exchange technology into their home page building services.

Also, SmartAge established the XClicks Associate Plan, in which other Internet companies can provide banner exchange services using SmartClicks technology.

The first three associates to join are Inc. Online, the PC World Technology Network and ZDNet.

Under the agreement with Tripod and Lycos, all Web sites registering for membership will be offered association in the Tripod Clicks or Lycos Clicks banner exchange programs, both powered by SmartAge's SmartClicks technology.

"Banner exchange has been overlooked as one of the most important Internet applications for small Web sites," said Anna Zornosa, president of SmartAge. "It is the easiest and least expensive way for small and growing businesses to attract new visitors."

"SmartAge was able to offer our members a special advantage: the ability to target advertisements for their Web sites within the SmartClicks banner exchange," said Bo Peabody, CEO and president of Tripod. "We're confident that Tripod publishers will be successful in driving new traffic to their sites using SmartClicks' technology."

XClicks associates may promote banner exchanges under the SmartClicks name, or under their own name with the suffix "Clicks." XClicks associates receive a percentage of the banner impressions created by the members they recruit.

SmartAge said its XClicks Associate Plan was designed with the belief that small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures should benefit from the ease-of- use and effective marketing tactics provided by banner exchange.

SmartClicks members can direct their ads to appear on sites focused in nine specific segments, including education, computer software and commerce. Alternatively, members can opt to use Smart Targeting, in which the network determines the best position based on trial placement and evaluation of clickthrough success across categories.

SmartAge said it will make its other services, SmartAge Rank, a search engine tracking service, and SmartAge Watch, a 24-hour site monitoring and alert service, available to XClicks members. SmartAge, formerly NetWeb Corp., provides online tools and support for small businesses.