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Gemstar, Dentsu, Tokyo News Service Form Joint Venture

Pasadena, CA-based Gemstar International Group Limited has entered into a joint venture with Dentsu Inc., the large Japanese international advertising and public relations agency, and Tokyo News Service Limited, a Japanese publisher of entertainment magazines, including TV Guide (Japan).

The joint venture, named Interactive Program Guide Inc., will pursue interactive services, including advertising, promotion, sponsorship and transaction opportunities on Gemstar's electronic program guide platform known as G-Guide Gold in Japan. Gemstar will own 50 percent of Interactive Program Guide and, additionally, will receive a percentage of sales as royalty.

Yoshio Takada of Dentsu has been named president of Interactive Program Guide.

"I firmly believe that Interactive Program Guide Inc., established as a joined force of three great companies, has great potential for developing business for the upcoming media environment as well as responding to the changing needs of viewers," said Teruyoshi Katsurada, senior vice president of Dentsu.

Gemstar's G-Guide was launched in the Japan market in April 1998 by Hitachi. The advertising-capable G-Guide Gold is expected to be launched later this year.

Gemstar develops, markets and licenses proprietary technologies and systems aimed at making technology user-friendly for consumers.