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The Future of Advertising at Procter & Gamble

Adweek's Interactive Quarterly has an interesting interview with Denis Beausejour, vice president of advertising at Procter & Gamble, one of the first big consumer products companies to embrace interactive and Internet marketing.

Among other things, he says that P&G is beginning to look more to a direct response model in its relationships with agencies, rather than clickthroughs and hits.

Beausejour said he thinks that there will be "two kinds of agencies 10 years from now: digital agencies and dinosaur agencies. In other words, I see all these convergences that we're talking about and not just in what the consumer sees but in how the ads are made and how the consumer research is done behind the ads...being profoundly influenced by these technologies."

Beausejour said that P&G will host a conference called the Future of Advertising Stakeholders Summit, (FAST) at its Cincinnati headquarters on August 20-21. With representatives from advertisers, online publishers, agencies and technology companies, the summit will allow all of the voices concerned with the future of Web advertising to state their views.

He added that topics will range from a specific discussion of online advertising models to the ways in which changes in technology are redefining advertising, advertising agencies, P&G and the very idea of what it means to be a brand.

"I think the [ad] model we want to have is driven around a combination of fee and [brand] sales incentives, so that the agencies can front up with us and have exactly the same goals and not be trapped by the media compensation system, which forces them to focus [on budgets]," he said.

"We believe that having some component of sales volume [as a factor in compensation] will make the motives identical. I'm saying, without having the final plan ready, where I want to go is with compensation on sales."

The full text of the interview is available here.